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FAMTOUR in Busan

Designated as Asia’s first Creative City of Film by UNESCO in 2014, Busan is a metropolitan city with 3.5 million people. As a city of film, Busan has a world-class film production support system. Founded in December 1999, Busan Film Commission(BFC) is the first Korean organization that specialize in supporting film and video productions. With this expertise, BFC invite you to join our first FAMTOUR in Busan! We hope to introduce the most beautiful and distinctive locations in Busan to world wide as a representative City of Film in Asia.

  • Location Promotion Video 1

    Nightscape of Busan

  • Location Promotion Video 2




  • 2017. 10. 16(MON) ~ 22(SUN) ▶ 7days

Tour location

  • Harbor, bridges, cityscape, marina bay, traditional markets, temples, old town, etc


  • Busan Film Commission

Number of invitee

  • 5~6 people

Support Detail

  • ROOM&BOARD(Five stars)
  • PICK UP SERVICE(Airport↔Hotel)


  • Among LOCATION MANAGERS, PRODUCERS, who are in charge of a specific project(Motion pictures or TV series) which is going to start filming within 1~2 years, also interested in Busan as a shooting location.

Remarks on application

  • Applicants may complete the application form through the website.
  • Application form should be completed by : August 18, 2017(Based on Korean Standard Time)
  • Applicants meeting the qualification above most precisely will take priority to participate.
  • Results of final entry for FAMTOUR in Busan will be informed individually.

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