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We at Busan Film Commission, 5 Departments and 1 Center, are doing our level best for our vision and future.

  1. Chairman

    SUH Byungsoo
    -The Mayor of Busan Metropolitan City

  2. Director 

    CHOI Yoon

  3. Managing Director

    CHO Daeeun

  4. Management Support Department
    • Human Resources & General Affairs
    • Accounting
  5. Business Operation Department
    • Cinema House
    • Visual Industry Center
    • Busan Cinema Venture Center
    • Computer Science
  6. Production Support & Business Department
    • Production Support
    • Location Service
  7. Strategy & Business Department
    • Publicity & Marketing
    • Strategy & Planning
    • Education Support
    • Education Operation
  8. International Business Department
    • AFCNet
    • International Relations
  9. Digital Production Center
    • Studio Operation
    • Digital Equipment Operation
    • New Media Business
  10. Film Industy Exchange

Tel. +82-51-7200-301 (Fax. +82-51-7200-300)

Management Support Department

Human Resources Affairs, General Affairs, Prepare General Assembly, BFC Steering Committee, Liaise with Busan Metropolitan City Office, Accounting

Management Support Department
  CHOI Sangsuk Head of Department ssuk218@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-311
Human Resources & General Affairs CHOI Sangsuk      
KIM Sungi   yuh456@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-344
Accounting WOO Jiseung Section Chief lilyshee@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-306
PARK Jongyoung   cyclone10120@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-375

Business Operation Department

Cinema House Busan, Busan Cinema Venture Center, Visual Industry Center, Computer Science, BMDB

Business Operation Department
  Julie (Junghyun) KIM Head of Department jhkim@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-308
Cinema House JEON Jinhee Section Chief cjh9852@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-305
Kyla (Sun Young) Kang   voaovo@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-343
Visual Industry Center HONG Changki Section Chief hck71@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-314
HEO Gyeunghwan   only704@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-353
Busan Cinema Venture Center CHOY Phil Section Chief philchoy@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-327
Computer Science HEO Manhoon   ginmaru@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-354

Production Support & Business Department

Location Service, Production Support Business, On•Off-line Location DB Management, Actor/Actress DB Management

Production Support & Business Department
  BAE Sohyun Head of Department sohyun@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-307
Production Support LEE Seungeui Section Chief selee01@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-329
LEE Kyoungsub Section Chief somin67@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-332
Demian (Jiouk) JANG   jiouk@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-352
Location Service KIM Jonghyun Section Chief rr90m@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-328
PARK Joonwoo   gunzenzi@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-334
SIM Eunjin   jeans918@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-335
CHOI Gunho   choiiil@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-336

Strategy & Business Department

PR, Marketing, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy 'local-led Industry Development Support program', Busan Asian Film School

Strategy & Business Department
  BAE Joohyung Head of Department template77@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-312
Publicity & Marketing Rachel (Sohyun) KWON   kwonsh@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-351
KIM Seohyun   kimsh@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-317
Strategy & Planning KIM Mijung   kimj@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-316
KIM Hyesil   hskim@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-376
Education Support YANG Youngju Section Chief yyj@filmbusan.kr 051-750-3206
SON Ilseong   sonilsung@filmbusan.kr 051-750-3207
LEE Yoonho   kalvin247@filmbusan.kr 051-750-3209
PARK Dahye   adscrb10@filmbusan.kr 051-750-3208
Education Operation AHN Jihye Section Chief haenoon@filmbusan.kr 051-750-3203
KIM Minji   mjkim@filmbusan.kr 051-750-3204
CHO Hyungdong   inno813@filmbusan.kr 051-750-3205

International Business Department


International Business Department
  Chris (Joohyun) CHO Head of Department chris@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-309
AFCNet Ally PARK aeryung@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-345
International Relations LEE Eunsa (leave of absence) Section Chief helloles@filmbusan.kr
LEE Minkyung   leemink@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-313
PARK Sohye   sohye7774@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-361
MOON Goun   moongoun@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-348

Digital Production Center

Studio Operation, Strategy Establishment, Domestic & International Marketing, Equipment Rental Service and Management , Coulor Bay, Digital Equipment Operation, VFX, CG

Digital Production Center
Office Tel. 051-7200-321 / Fax. 051-7200-320
  Aaron (Heechul) CHUNG Head of Digital Production Center toosi@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-322
Studio Operation James (Yunjae) KIM Section Chief yunjae1030@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-323
Digital Equipment Operation KIM Wooyoung Section Chief kmaster@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-324
Hwang Youngsoo   wildskip@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-337
KIM Sangwoo   sangu67@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-347
New Media Business KIM Donghui Section Chief hwe79@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-325
Heo Jungim Section Chief demon@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-326

Film Industy Exchange

Film Industy Exchange
Attract Enterprise YANG Sungyoung Head of Department sungyoung@filmbusan.kr 051-7200-333