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Camera & Grip Equipment

Busan Film Commission possesses high-quality personnel who have completed training courses in digital movie camera and film camera servicing.

colour Bay

Projection and Editorial rooms are prepared for your convenience. As the places where you can do preview or edit the scenes taken with virtual studio, it provides one-stop service from daily check, preview, editing and color correction up to simple post-production such as CG.

Colour grading Room

Seats Seats 47
Area 165㎡
Equipment screen size : 9m x 3m
Projection : NEC 2000c DLP
Sound system : Doloby CP750 / 5.1 Surround monitoring
Digital Cinema Play Sever : Doremi ShowVault
Colour Grad : Autodesk Flame Premium 2017(Lustre)
D.C.P : easyDCP (Dell T7600 Workstation (Win7)
Colour grading Room

Colour grading System

Facility Information

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Contact us
Tel +82-51-7200-301
Fax +82-51-7200-320
Location Haebyeon-ro 52. Haeundae-gu. Busan Busan Film Commission