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Application Form

Regulations for Filming Support & Film Studio/Equipment Rentals

Regulations for Filming Support &
Film Studio/Equipment Rentals


The purpose of the regulations stated below is to indicate the points the film production or individual filmmaker (hereafter as an "applicant") must observe in order to obtain the various support and services for filming in Busan from the Busan Film Commission (hereafter as "BFC").


Regarding the BFC's filming support and film studio/equipment rentals, an applicant is to observe the regulations set out below unless the articles of incorporation or provisions are amended.


Any local/foreign film production making a project, such as a feature film, or a short film for theaters or film festivals and any local/foreign TV production making a project, such as a TV series, a TV drama, a commercial, or a documentary are eligible to apply for the shooting location support and film studio/equipment rentals in Busan. An application form must be filled out and submitted to the BFC along with the necessary documents.

Filming Support/Rental Applications

An applicant must submit a completed "Filming Support/Rental Application Form" to the BFC in order to receive support and services for location scouting and shooting in Busan.The applicant must, also, include the following information in the form.

  • Information about film production
  • Information about film producer and director
  • Information about film project (title, theme, genre, format & etc.)
  • Synopsis and Scenario, 3 copies each
  • Film scene charts and schedules, 3 copies each (including an initial location scouting/hunting date, shooting schedules, & etc.)
  • Additional requests or queries

How to Apply

An applicant may download a copy of "Application Form" from the website. A completed form may be submitted via e-mail or fax.

Applications Deadline

A completed application form for location support intended to use public facilities such as railways, subways, airports, parks (cemeteries), museums, or exhibition centers must be submitted to the BFC "at least two weeks (or 15 days) prior" to the scheduled shooting date. However, in such cases below, an applicant must submit a completed application form to the BFC "at least four weeks (or 30 days) beforehand."

  • If the special department (such as military force, police force or fire department)'s uniforms, equipments or vehicles are to be used (or tailored for filming only) or rented.
  • If any local public department is either mainly or partially filmed
  • If the intermittent traffic control is expected (either on vehicles or pedestrians)
  • If any heavy equipment is to be set or used
  • If any loud noise is expected (for example: car crash, gun shooting, explosion, fire, specialeffects, or special sounds generated)
  • If the filming is meant to violate any local/federal law or regulations (for example: filming in a military zone, illegal parking, speeding, removal of posters or etc.)
  • If the filming may cause or refer to violence or crimes
  • If the filming time, such as a rush hour or midnight shooting, that may arouse a public complaint

The scheduled date for film studio/equipment rentals may be modified and rescheduled if the applied date cannot be met. Regarding this matter, the applicant should contact the person in charge.

Principles for Minimizing Public Inconveniences

An applicant, despite the prior arrangement and consent, is strongly advised to minimize the public inconveniences due to the loud noise, traffic control, public place occupancy, environmental damage and etc. during filming. An applicant is also strongly advised to make an effort to resolve any public complaint. If the complaint is filed due to the applicant's illegibility, then the responsibility lies solely on the applicant.

Parking Permit

For filming, generator trucks, heavy duty equipments, or working vehicles may be parked at free of charge in the public parking space or on the streets if the parking permit is granted in advance. An applicant must contact the BFC to get a "Related Personnel Parking Permit (Sticker)" and attach it on the related equipment or vehicle.

Using Private Property/Land

An applicant who plans to work a project using a private property or land is required to contact the related individual or the property owner directly. An applicant is advised to prevent any complaint, loss or damage. If necessary, however, an applicant may consult the BFC for assistance.

Prevention for Damages and Restitution

An applicant is requested to prevent any damage, loss or harm to persons, animals, buildings or facilities during the process of shooting; thus, the applicant must be met with the BFC or related personnel in advance to set a prevention agreement. If the damage, loss or harm, however, were generated during shooting, all the damage, loss, harm, or waste (debris) and etc. are the sole responsibility of the applicant and the applicant must restore or restitute/compensate for all the damage, loss or harm regardless of its scope and size.

Insurance Requirements

An applicant is required to have a liability insurance prior to his/her project, and provide all the necessary documents to the BFC for verification.

If the applicant is found to be uninsured or unidentified, the BFC may immediately terminate all the support and services and may proceed additional measures.

Recognition on the Regulation Agreement

The application submission is understood as the applicant's agreement on the regulations, and if the application is accepted by the BFC, the applicant is eligible to receive all the support and services from the BFC at free of charge. In order to enhance the BFC's long term support and upgrade the services, the applicant is required to provide the necessary information and materials such as the film presentation date, the open shoot date, the interview schedule, the preview date, promotion materials, moving & still pictures, press releases and etc to the BFC, except for the unavoidable circumstances.

The Applicant's Cooperation in the Publicity of the BFC

The applicant or representative of each project supported by the BFC is requested to provide the following items that are necessary to showcase the BFC's filming support to the public that may promote more assistance in the future.

  • The support must be expressed at the ending credits, on the posters, press releases, leaflets and etc. as this: "Filming Support: Busan Film Commission"
  • The following materials are to be sent to the BFC before the release. Promotion materials (catalogs, brochures, leaflets, and etc.), each 2
    Still photos, 2 sets 3
    Posters, 3 for each kind
    Making film, 1 copy
  • The applicant supported by the BFC is requested to permit the BFC, with the prior arrangement, to interview the director, and actors/actresses and to take photos and shoot short videos on locations for the purposes of its own promotion.
  • The applicant supported by the BFC is requested to permit the local press to interview the director and actors/actresses on locations at least once.
  • Before the release, the applicant or the representative of the project supported by the BFC is requested to participate in the premier held in Busan.