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We at Busan Film Commission are doing our level best for our vision and future.

  1. Chairman

    OH Keodon
    -The Mayor of Busan Metropolitan City

  2. Director

    KIM Hui

  3. Managing Director

    CHO Daeeun

  4. Digital Production Center

Tel. +82-51-7200-301 (Fax. +82-51-7200-300)

Management Support Department

Human Resources Affairs, General Assembly, Steering Committee, Liaise with Busan Metropolitan City Office, General Affairs, Accounting, Computer Center, BMDB

Management Support Department
  CHOI Sangsuk Head of Department ssuk218@filmbusan.kr +82-51-7200-311
Human Resources & General Affairs CHOI Sangsuk      
KIM Sungi   yuh456@filmbusan.kr +82-51-7200-344
Accounting WOO Jiseung Deputy Head of Department lilyshee@filmbusan.kr +82-51-7200-306
PARK Jongyoung   cyclone10120@filmbusan.kr +82-51-7200-375
Computer Center & BMDB HEO Manhoon Assistant Manager ginmaru@filmbusan.kr +82-51-7200-354

Strategy & Business Department

New Business Plan, PR, Marketing, Publication, Busan Asian Film School (Fax. +82-51-750-3200), Busan Film Academy

Strategy & Business Department
  BAE Joohyung Head of Department template77@filmbusan.kr +82-51-7200-312
Planning & PR JEON jinhee Deputy Head of Department cjh9852@filmbusan.kr +82-51-7200-305
Rachel (Sohyun) KWON Assistant Manager kwonsh@filmbusan.kr +82-51-7200-351
KIM Mijung   kimj@filmbusan.kr +82-51-7200-316
Education Support YANG Youngju Deputy Head of Department yyj@filmbusan.kr +82-51-750-3206
SON Ilsung   sonilsung@filmbusan.kr +82-51-750-3207
LEE Yoonho   kalvin247@filmbusan.kr +82-51-750-3209
Education Management AHN Jihye Manager haenoon@filmbusan.kr +82-51-750-3203
KIM Minji   mjkim@filmbusan.kr +82-51-750-3204
CHO Hyungdong   inno813@filmbusan.kr +82-51-750-3205
JEONG Daun   jdown@filmbusan.kr +82-51-750-3208

Production Support & Business Department

Production Support Program, Busan Film Investment Fund, Busan Visual Industry Center (Creation Space & Communal Space Rental)

Production Support & Business Department
Fax. +82-51-743-6035
  BAE Sohyun Head of Department sohyun@filmbusan.kr +82-51-7200-307
Production Support Program Demian (Jiouk) JANG Assistant Manager jiouk@filmbusan.kr +82-51-7200-352
CHAE Jihoon   cjh1467@filmbusan.kr +82-51-7200-357
PARK Soyeon   soy6067@filmbusan.kr +82-51-7200-339

Film Industry Exchange Department

Enterprise Attraction, Film Industry Exchange, Busan Visual Industry Center (Enterprise Support), Busan Cinema Venture Center

Film Industry Exchange Department
YANG Sungyoung Head of Department sungyoung@filmbusan.kr +82-51-7200-333
Busan Cinema Venture Center CHOI Phill Deputy Head of Department philchoy@filmbusan.kr +82-51-7200-327
Busan Visual Industry Center Support MIN Sooyoung   msy902@filmbusan.kr +82-51-7200-349

International Business Department


International Business Department
  Chris (Joohyun) CHO Head of Department chris@filmbusan.kr +82-51-7200-309
AFCNet Ally PARK Assistant Manager aeryung@filmbusan.kr +82-51-7200-345
International Relations LEE Eunsa Manager helloles@filmbusan.kr +82-51-7200-0348
LEE Minkyung   leemink@filmbusan.kr +82-51-7200-313
KOO Eunhyeon   eunkoo5@filmbusan.kr +82-51-7200-319

Location Support Department

Location Service, Filming Incentive Program, Cinema House Hotel in Busan

Location Support Department
Fax. +82-51-7200-340
  LEE Seungeui Head of Department selee01@filmbusan.kr +82-51-7200-329
Location Service KIM Jonghyun Deputy Head of Department rr90m@filmbusan.kr +82-51-7200-328
LEE Kyoungsub Deputy Head of Department somin67@filmbusan.kr +82-51-7200-332
PARK Joonwoo Assistant Manager gunzenzi@filmbusan.kr +82-51-7200-334
JUNG Hojung   hojung@filmbusan.kr +82-51-7200-335
KIM Hansol   hansol@filmbusan.kr +82-51-7200-331
Cinema House Hotel
in Busan
Julie (Junghyun) KIM   jhkim@filmbusan.kr +82-51-7200-308
KIM Jeongyun   yunkim@filmbusan.kr +82-51-7200-343

Digital Production Center

Busan Cinema Studios, Busan Visual Industry Center (Facility Management), Color Bay, Virtual Production, MCC, Pre-visualization, New Media Business

Fax. +82-51-7200-320