Important Changes to 2014 Asian Film Policy Forum


As 2014 Asian Film Policy Forum will be conducted in private (invitation only) at Haeundae Grand Hotel between 6?7 October, forum badges that have been publicly issued at no cost will not be applicable this year.

Delegations from AFCNet member organizations, however, are allowed to attend the seminar programs upon completion of online pre-registration at http://www.afpforum.org (available from 1 September, 2014).

In order to have access to Asian Film Market & BIFCOM2014 venue, all attendees will need individual market badges. Please purchase the badges at http://www.asianfilmmarket.org (Early Bird Registration discount available until 15 August, 2014).

Contact: Program Coordinator, Business & Policy Department, Busan Film Commission

(Tel. +82-51-7200-319)

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