1. Overview

■ Title : 2016 Cine-Biz Asia Business Matching Service
■ Date : October 9(Sun)~11(Tue), 2016 /3days
■ Venue : Paradise Hotel Busan 
■ Host : Busan Film Commission
■ Program
- Customized Global Business Matchmaking and 1:1 talks
2. Why Participate?
- Facilitating networking between countries or regions and getting new contacts and finding partners
- Getting latest information on Co-production, Investment, Production, Overseas Location, etc.
- Getting exclusive idea about the Film & Media Industry
3. Submission Guide
■ Eligibility
- Production companies, Producers, Directors and Writers who have a plan for overseas shooting or international  co-production
* The Project should be in a status of ‘Completing Script Development’ 
1) Project Category
- Feature Film
- Trans Media Project such as Web Dramas, Web Toon, VR, etc
- Any projects available for distribution
2) The number of selected projects : within 50 projects 
■ Expected Participants
-  Group A : Int’l Co-Production Company,  Investment & Distribution Company
  * The result of the selected projects will be announced later.
-  Group B : Domestic/Overseas Film Commission, Filmmaking Equipment, Post-production service and related company
■ Obligations of Selected Projects
- Participants are obliged to attend all the scheduled meetings throughout the dates (Oct 9~11/3days)
-  Please complete the online Pre-Registration
  * Participants should have at least 6 business meetings with Group B
( two or more meetings with the same company are not allowed )
■ Selection Criteria
 - Internal Review (The size of selected projects is subject to change.)
1) Possibility of being produced 
2) Quality of applicant’s experience and Reliability
3) Communication Skills (English, Chinese and Japanese)
4) Applicants who submit project proposals, pilot films, leaflets or promotional materials will be given preference
■ Benefit of Selected Projects
  1) Overseas participants : a maximum of 4 nights of Accommodation per project
    Domestic participants : a maximum of 3 nights of Accommodation per project
   * Accommodation will be provided throughout the course of the meeting (Oct 9~11)
   * Official Hotel : around Haeundae, double occupancy,
   * All other expenses (transportation, meals, etc) will not be covered
  2) 1:1 business meeting & Networking opportunities with international industry professionals
  3)  Admission to Business Meeting Lounge
  4) Provide sequential interpreter (English, Chinese and Japanese)
   * Interpreter will be provided according to the importance of the project and the order of application
  5)  Biz Badge Issues
- Admission to the seminars and reception of Link of Cine-Asia
- Free drinks 
* The admission badge for Busan International Film Festival will not be provided
6) Others
- Administrative support for a company who wishes to hold the signing ceremony
- Assist the pitching projects
■ General Rules
1) All services are only for business matching participants
2) The meeting should be held in the meeting lounge
3) Selected project is required to apply for online business meeting
4) All participants are advised to bring their mobile phones during the meeting in case of emergency
■ How to apply
Please click here to download the application form and fill in the details
1) Submission Deadline : 18:00, Aug 1~Aug 19, 2016 
2) must be Submitted  to : helloles@filmbusan.kr
3) for Inquiries, pls contact : Ms Eun-sa Lee, International Cooperation Department, Busan Film Commission
■ Schedule (* Subject to change)

Content Schedule Note
Submission Aug 1 ~ Aug 19, 2016  
Review & Selection The end  of July, 2016  
Project Registration August, 2016  
Online business meeting application Sep 1~Sep 20, 2016 Online pre-registration
Confirmation of Business meeting Sep 30, 2016 Confirmation of detail including sequential interpretation
Hotel Reservation The end of Sep~ Early Oct, 2016
Business Meeting Oct 9~Oct 11, 2016 LINK of Cine-ASIA period
Final Report Oct 12  


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