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Guidance on Filming Support

For Whom

Any domestic and/or overseas feature films and motion picture productions such as TV dramas, music videos, commercial films, and short films (except school workshops) which submit the designated location application form to the Busan Film Commission (After a consideration, the beneficiary will be selected.)


Submission of the Location Scouting Application Form

※ Including accompanying documents

A copy of the production company's introduction letter, production plan(including budget and investment plan), scenario, scene breakdown sheet, filming schedule, and any other detailed information (such as press release, still photograph, continuity, etc.)

A coordinator will be assigned to each production for specific discussion and adjustment of support

  • Recommend the filming location and provide photos and video clips the area
  • Provide overall information on accommodation, transportation and equipment rental services
  • Introduce Busan City and provide basic information on Busan
  • Provide free car rental service for hunting

Pre-Production Scouting Support Program : Providing a vehicle for the maximum of 10 days to a feature / TV / documentary production company that plans for scouting activity to shoot in Busan. * After the scouting is completed, relevant materials such as pictures will be shared with BFC.


  • Support for liaison, permission and cooperation of government offices and film-related agencies during shooting
  • Provide traffic control services, handle and prevent civil complaints and get permission for special-effects scenes such as explosion and fire-fighting
  • Issue parking pass for temporary parking and stopping (only for shooting location)
  • Provide information on accommodation and discount rates
  • Offer rental service of safety equipment (light stick, standing signboard, safety vest, traffic cones, etc.)

Matters to be Attended when Shooting

  1. All applications are required to be submitted at least two weeks in advance. Regarding public offices and other related institutions, depending on the shooting situation (security area, and when notice needs to be offered to the public), it takes at least four weeks of consultation period to get official support. Written pledge may be required as occasions may demand.
  2. Request of cooperation to government agencies: helicopter, police force deployment, traffic control, and permission for special-effects scenes depends on the type and content of the film and filming portion in Busan.
  3. Public safety should be the priority during the shooting of road scenes and dangerous scenes and should be preceded by installing facilities and deploying equipments such as standing signboard, banner, and light stick.
  4. All requests for shooting should be delivered to the commission through the coordinator.
  5. The change of filming schedule is not recommended except under unavoidable circumstances such as natural disasters and force majeure. In case of such circumstances, film-makers have to inform the designated coordinator of the situation and ask for the understanding of the related agencies.
  6. Usage of all information provided by the Busan Film Commission for other purposes other than production is not allowed and may not be shared with third-party producers or organizations. In particular still photographs and video clips that may have been provided at the beginning of production.
  7. Shooting site should be cleaned up right after shooting. Arrangement should be made for the cleaning of shooting site after completion of shooting.
    * Please pay particular attention to cleaning up after the completion of filming for the benefit of subsequent productions.


  • Rent a digital editing room
  • Support film preview and other events

Economic Impact Report is required to be submitted after the completion of the shooting

The report includes the followings :

  • Expenditure records during the shooting in Busan
    (expenses by divisions, employment list of human resources in Busan, etc.)
  • Plan for distribution and release
  • Requests to the Busan Film Commission

Cooperation for the Promotion of the Commission

Officials of the film production are expected to show their cooperation to advertize the support activities of the Busan Film Commission to film-makers and citizens in Busan for better service. Requirements are as follows:

  • Put the phrase of 『Filming Support: Busan Film Commission』on ending credit, poster, press releases, and other promotion materials
  • Submit the following materials to the commission before the release of the movie
    • -Two copies of press release materials and still photographs
    • -Total of ten copies of each poster
    • -Making still photo
    • -Producer making film
  • Accept the request for the filming and interview (prior consultation) with the director and leading actor/actress to produce the commission's promotion materials
  • Open the filming site more than once and accept the request for the interview with the director and leading actor/actress for media in Busan
  • Cooperate to hold the film preview in Busan hosted by the commission before the release of the movie


Restoration and Insurance

  • The film production company should provide the restoration and compensation for the damage to people, animals, plants, buildings, and properties (bodily injury, property damage) occurred during the filming.
  • It is recommended to insure against the unexpected damage during filming prior to the production

Termination of Support

  • When an applicant cancels the application
  • When an applicant receives two warnings due to the non-fulfillment of the commission's rules
  • When it is unavoidable to stop shooting under various circumstances of production companies