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Busan Visual Industry Center
Busan Visual Industry Center which was built in 2013 and expanded in 2017 is well equipped with multi-purpose facilities such as creative space available for creation and business, Film and video enterprise office, production office, screening room, and conference hall and convenient facilities such as canteen, fitness gym and a daycare center. Also, the Game Rating and Administration Committee, the Korea Media Rating Board, and Busan Cultural Contents Finance Centers are located in the same building for efficient work process between industrial and administrative sectors, therefore, solidifying its cluster of the film and video industries. Also, the center is running a business that supports offshore companies in Busan through incentives. The Busan Visual Industry Center which is at the core of the film and video industry in the Cultural Industries Promotion district at Centum will extend its industrial competitiveness by broadening its functions and roles by creating an innovative film and video environment, inviting creative labor and production companies, networking with local related organizations, and providing education and support to tenant companies and creators.

- Address : 39 Centum seo-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan 48058, Korea

- Size : 1 basement floor, 12 floors above ground, total floor area of 18,691.15㎡

- Facilities : 18 Creative rooms, 6 production offices, film·video enterprise office, facilities for rent (meeting room, screening room, conference hall, etc.)


  • Visual Industry Exchange Department
  • Tel. +82-51-7200-357
  • Fax. +82-51-743-6035
Busan Cinema Venture Center
Busan Cinema Venture Center run by Busan Film Commission was opened in 2002 with the aim of establishing a film industry infrastructure by growing companies and cultivating professional manpower in the film and video industry in Busan. Currently, 21 film and video companies are actively operating their business in the center. In addition, Busan Cinema Venture Center is putting its efforts to provide convenience for filming and to activate film production in Busan, for example, Sangsang Office is an office space provided to support film production.

- Address : 5/6th Floor, 41 Centum dong-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan 48059, Korea

- Facilities : 21 office spaces, 1 meeting room, 1 seminar room, 4 Sangsang Offices.


  • Visual Industry Exchange Department
  • Tel. +82-51-7200-348
  • Fax. +82-51-742-6952



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