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Asian Film Commissions Network, AFCNet




AFCNet is

a network of professional film commissions established with official sanction from the governments and local government of region in Asia, and it shares information on location, regulations and custom clearance for each nation in Asia through the established networks between film support agencies centered on Asia. It is Asia's best non-profit international organization established the 59 members form 18 countries to contribute to the balanced growth of film industry in Asia by promoting the improvements and supplementations of the systems.

Asian Film Commissions Network, AFCNet

Website Link

For film commission

Members will be listed on the AFCNet website directory and share trends in films and information through close networks between the members instantly. Moreover, through such networks, you can find easier and wiser solutions to the problem with the support of the members when problems arise.

  • Information of the member will be listed on AFCNet website directory
  • AFCNet Co-Marketing and promotions at international exhibitions
  • Access to and participation in AFCNet official events
  • Listed on AFCNet promotion materials
  • Share the film-related information in Asia and around the world
  • Access to use AFCNet logo for your promotion material

For Filmmakers

Finding the most appropriate location for film production involves checking details such as production environments, incentives and basic support details in addition to finding the right visuals. Information related to production provided by AFCNet helps for a smoother progress in making different decisions necessary for the production.

  • Access to AFCNet member nations' information
  • Obtain information on customs, immigration, visa, and insurance, etc.
  • Film production information such as incentive, fund, tax rebate, etc.
  • Filming related information such as location, filming permits, etc.
  • Introduce business partners for overseas filming
  • Full supports in liaising with government agencies
  • Contribute to create the better filming environment of the Asian film industry

List of AFCNet's members

Regular Members

  • CAMBODIA (2)
    • Cambodia Film Commission
    • Cambodia Film Office
  • CHINA (2)
    • Changchun Film Group
    • Western Movie Group Corp.
    • Bali Film Center
    • Film Development Center
    • Fukuoka Film Commission
    • Himeji Film Commission
    • Hiroshima Film Commission
    • Japan Film Commission
    • Kitakyushu Film Commission
    • Kobe Film Office
    • Nagasaki Film & Media Commission
    • Nagoya Location Navi
    • Oita City Location Office
    • Okinawa Film Office
    • Osaka Film Council
    • Saga Prefectural Film Commission
    • SAS (Screen Authority Sapporo)
    • Sendai Miyagi Film Commission
    • Shimonoseki Film Commission
    • SHOCS(Sapporo-Hokkaido Contents Strategy Organization
    • Tokyo Location Box
  • JORDAN (1)
    • The Royal Film Commission Jordan
  • KOREA (11)
    • Busan Film Commission
    • Cheongpung Film Commission
    • Chungnam Film Commission
    • Daejeon Film Commisssion
    • Gyeonggi Film Commission
    • Incheon Film Commission
    • Jeju Film Commission
    • Jeonju Film Commission
    • Jeonnam Film Commission
    • Korea Film Commissions & Industry Network
    • Seoul Film Commission
  • MALAYSIA (1)
    • FINAS (National Film Development Corporation Malaysia)
  • MYANMAR (1)
    • Myanmar Motion Pictures Development Department
  • NEPAL (1)
    • Film Development Board
    • Screen Auckland Film
    • New Zealand
    • Film Otago Southland
    • Film Development Council of the Philippines
  • RUSSIA (1)
    • Vladivostok Film Commission
    • Singapore Film Commission
  • TAIWAN (1)
    • Taipei Film Commission
  • THAILAND (1)
    • Thailand Film Office
  • USA (1)
    • Honolulu Film Office
  • Vietnam (1)
    • Vietnam Cinema Department

Associate Members

  • KOREA (5)
    • Gangwon Art & Culture Foundation
    • AZWorks
    • CAC Entertainment
    • East Dream
    • Nomad Film
    • Hokkaido Film Industry Promotion Association
  • FRANCE (1)
    • Film France
  • MALAYSIA (2)
    • Rhizophora Ventures Sdn Bhd
  • RUSSIA (1)
    • EN Films
  • THAILAND (1)
  • NEPAL (1)
    • Icefall Productions