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  • Tel. 051-7200-301
  • Fax. 051-7200-300

Management Strategy Division

Bae Joohyung Director of Management Strategy Division Tel. 051-720-0312
Strategic Planning Team Lee Seungeui Team Leader Tel. 051-720-0329
Lee Kyoungsub Deputy Head of Department Tel. 051-720-0332
Jeon Jinhee Deputy Head of Department Tel. 051-720-0305
Choi Phill Deputy Head of Department Tel. 051-720-0327
Lee Sohee Tel. 051-720-0361
Management Support Team Choi Sangsuk Team Leader Tel. 051-720-0311
Woo Jiseung Deputy Head of Department Tel. 051-720-0306
Heo Manhoon Tel. 051-720-0354
Park Jongyoung Tel. 051-720-0375
Shin Wooseob Tel. 051-720-0355
Kim Sungi Tel. 051-720-0344

Production Support & Business Division

Bae Sohyun Director Production Support & Business Division Tel. 051-720-0307
Production Support & Business Team Kim Jonghyun Deputy Head of Department Tel. 051-720-0328
Jang Jiouk Tel. 051-720-0352
Lee Hyewon Tel. 051-720-0363
Kim Hyesil Tel. 051-720-0339
Choi Hyerim Tel. 051-720-0336
Location Support Team Cho Joohyun Team Leader Tel. 051-720-0309
Yang Youngju Deputy Head of Department Tel. 051-720-0315
Park joonwoo Tel. 051-720-0334
Kim Jeongyun Tel. 051-720-0343
Han Changmin Tel. 051-720-0331
Kang Minki Tel. 051-720-0335
Visual Industry Exchange Team Yang Sungyoung Team Leader Tel. 051-720-0333
Lee Eunsa Tel. 051-720-0348
Heo Gyeunghwan Tel. 051-720-0353
Kim Mijung Tel. 051-720-0316
Min Sooyoung(Leave of Absence) Tel. 051-720-0349
Park Jungin Tel. 051-720-0351
Yu Dohyeok Tel. 051-720-0357
Park Seoa Tel. 051-720-0377
Sim Byeongki Tel. 051-720-0362

Digital Production Division

Chung Heechul Director Digital Production Division Tel. 051-720-0322
Post-production facility operation team Hong Changki Team Leader Tel. 051-720-0314
Heo Jungim Tel. 051-720-0326
Kim Kyumin Tel. 051-720-0367
Lee Dohyun Tel. 051-720-0313
Studio Operations Team Kim Yunjae Team Leader Tel. 051-720-0323
Kim Wooyoung Tel. 051-720-0324
Hwang Youngsoo Tel. 051-720-0337
Hwang Sungmin Tel. 051-720-0347
Hong Sunchang Tel. 051-720-0381

Busan Asian Film School

Tel. 051-750-3204 Fax. 051-750-3200

Busan Asian Film School Ahn Jihye Team Leader Tel. 051-750-3203
Son Ilsung Tel. 051-750-3207
Cho Hyungdong Tel. 051-750-3205
Seo Jeongwon Tel. 051-750-3204
Seol Minjae Tel. 051-750-3211
Je Seungman Tel. 051-750-3208



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