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  • Tel. 051-7200-301
  • Fax. Tel. 051-7200-300

Management Strategy Division

Bae Joohyung Director of Management Strategy Division Tel. 051-720-0312
Management Support Team CHOI Sangsuk Team Leader Tel. 051-720-0311
HEO Manhoon Tel. 051-720-0354
PARK Jongyoung Tel. 051-720-0375
SHIN Wooseob Tel. 051-720-0355
KIM Sungi Tel. 051-720-0344
PARK Juhyeon Tel. 051-720-0308
Strategic Planning Team LEE Seungeui Team Leader Tel. 051-720-0329
CHO Hyungdong Tel. 051-720-0345
PARK Jungin Tel. 051-720-0351
Sung Yujin Tel. 051-720-0387

Production Industry Division

Bae Sohyun Director of Production Industry Division Tel. 051-720-0307
Production Business Team CHO Joohyun Team Leader Tel. 051-720-0309
WOO Jiseung Deputy Head of Department Tel. 051-720-0306
KIM Mijung Tel. 051-720-0316
LEE Heejin Tel. 051-720-0363
Location Support Team YANG Youngju Team Leader Tel. 051-720-0315
JEON Jinhee Deputy Head of Department Tel. 051-720-0305
SON Ilsung Tel. 051-720-0334
KIM Jeongyun Tel. 051-720-0343
HAN Changmin Tel. 051-720-0331
JE Seungman Tel. 051-720-0335
SHIN Gayoung Tel. 051-720-0376
KANG Byungjun Tel. 051-720-0319
KIM Yerim Tel. 051-720-0317
Industry Exchange Team YANG Sungyoung Team Leader Tel. 051-720-0333
KIM Jonghyun Deputy Head of Department Tel. 051-720-0328
HEO Gyeunghwan Tel. 051-720-0353
JANG Jiouk Tel. 051-720-0352
LEE Bora Tel. 051-720-0357
AN Hyeonjung Tel. 051-720-0377
LEE Yukyung Tel. 051-720-0348
KIM Seokjin Tel. 051-720-0349

Digital Production Division

Chung Heechul Director of Digital Production Division Tel. 051-720-0322
Post Lab Operations Team HONG Changki Team Leader Tel. 051-720-0314
HWANG Youngsoo Tel. 051-720-0367
CHA Jitae Tel. 051-720-0313
LIM Kyungrok soundlim@filmbusan.krr Tel. 051-720-0368
Studio Operations Team KIM Yunjae Team Leader Tel. 051-720-0323
KIM Wooyoung Tel. 051-720-0324
HEO Jungim Tel. 051-720-0326
HWANG Sungmin Tel. 051-720-0347
HONG Sunchang Tel. 051-720-0381

External Relations TF

External Relations TF LEE Kyoungsub Team Leader Tel. 051-720-0332

Busan Asian Film School

Tel. 051-750-3204 Fax. Tel. 051-750-3200

Busan Asian Film School AHN Jihye Team Leader Tel. 051-750-3203
CHOI Phill Deputy Head of Department Tel. 051-750-3205
LEE Eunsa Tel. 051-750-3207
PARK joonwoo Tel. 051-750-3208
SEO Jeongwon Tel. 051-750-3204
Choi Wonseok Tel. 051-750-3209
SEO Yoonji Tel. 051-750-3211
JANG Haechang Tel. 051-750-3212



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